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How to Prepare for a Lead Inspection

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We are available at your convenience including evenings and weekends by appointment. The MDE requires 24 hour notice before we preform the lead inspection.

 Here are some suggestions to help prepare for a lead inspection: 

Many homes built before 1978 have lead paint, and some of these have lead to hazards. To protect your investments, it is recommended that you get a lead-based inspection and/or risk assessment.

* Make sure that no painted surfaces are chipping,peeling or flaking.Painted surfaces should all be intact.

* Remove all construction-related debris from the site

* Ensure that the area 24"-48" surrounding the foundation is clear of paint chips.

* Thoroughly vacuum the interior of each rental unit, idealy with a hepa vacuum.

* After vacuuming, clean all surfaces in the unit with standard household detergent, e.g., Palmolive or Simple Green. Change the wash Water frequently to reduce the chance of cross-contamination. 

* Pay special attention to window sills, window wells door casings, and flooring. 

* After wet cleaning, vacuum the entire area again using a HEPA or high quality vacuum cleaner.

* Visually inspect the unit and the soil outside the unit to ensure that all areas are free of debris and dust.


What We Inspect

We inspect a variety of interior and exterior components of your home there can be no chipping, peeling, flaking or cracking paint at all.

Lead Inspections

We are Licensed to issue MDE inspection certificates, conduct visual inspections, and perform lead dust sampling.

The Visual Lead Inspection

The Inspector will examine the property to insure that the paint is intact and shows no sign of failing.There can be NO signs of chipping, flaking or peeling paint in the interior and on or around the exterior of the property.This includes any outbuildings such as a garage or shed. (The property must pass the visual inspection first befor any dust samples can be collected.)  

Dust Sample Collection

After the Visual inspection exterior and interior (is concluded and pass then and only then) will the inspector collect dust samples from each room of the home.

* Properties with replacement windows require ONE sample per room from a window sill or window well.

* Properties with non-replacement windows (windows with painted surfaces) require TWO samples per room. One from a window sill or well and a second from either the floor or another window sill or window well.

* Rooms without windows require ONE sample from the floor.

Lab Testing for Lead

The samples are then sent to an accredited lab for testing.The federal government and the state of Maryland have set guidelines for lead content in paint. 

The MDE Lead Certificate

When the lab results show that (all samples taken meet the required standards) a Modified Risk Reduction Certificate will be issued to the property owner.The MDE also receives a copy and if you rent a copy is also provided for the tenant

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